E-commerce Eye Candy: The Death of Packaged Software [Infographic]

April 1, 2013 by Elan Sherbill.

When high speed Internet became readily available and affordable for consumers at home, many people predicted that it would lead to the end of packaged software sold in retail stores. Similarly, with the advent of SaaS, some analysts see the demise of on-premise software looming on the horizon.

Engine Yard makes the case for the death of packaged software thanks to the plethora of EaaS (aka XaaS) products. Their infographic addresses the size of the global EaaS market, as well as which regions are growing fastest and for what reason.

It’s worth noting that the APAC region is adopting cloud computing at a higher rate than Europe. It will take strong localization strategies for U.S. companies to successfully market their products in either region.

EaaS is particularly strong in the U.S. where 97 percent of the population use cloud products and 97 percents of new businesses rely on Google apps to run their business in one form or another. While downloaded software isn’t dead quite yet, the SaaS market is certainly growing.


Everything as a Service: The Death of Packaged Software

Everything as a Service: The Death of Packaged Software

Courtesy of: Engine Yard

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